My name is Stephanie Freeman and I want to thank you for visiting my website.

I have experienced the transformative power of yoga in one form or another since 2003.

I have always been highly intuitive and empathetic, and I experience and process things deeply with and through my body.  I’m also blessed with a strong connection with the invisible energy-and spirit world. I emit compassion and vitality  in my classes and private sessions.

The good news is that process of becoming creative and productive does not have to involve anguish or emotional anxiety.

I used to be a University researcher but my long-lasting yoga lifestyle hobby was turning into a professional calling.

Gradually I became aware that the process of becoming creative and productive, of taking away the barriers of stress, can be a joy and pleasure.

We can be creative without stress if we learn to stay true to our body sensations and listen to what our emotions are telling us about our environment.

If we learn to relax and unwind we can better learn how to become more attuned our real selves.

When relaxed we can also understand our social situations and relationships better, and free ourselves of possible contradictions.

When we are comfortable in our social interactions, we have more energy to use for creative activity.

I also took a two-year training to become a yoga teacher in Helsinki in 2010-2012.

You can expect to experience a ‘science and yoga-based’ educational service which combines psychological, sociological and physiological knowledge but which is also fun and challenging.

From April 2014 to  April 2019 my company Ajatus and Asana Oy  offered yoga and relaxation coaching services in Espoo, Finland. Due to constant problems with business premises, I decided to close my business and head towards new work opportunities in the field of wellness  and somatic coaching. Please feel free to contact me if you feel I may be a good candidate for your company.

Stephanie Freeman (PhD, Diploma yoga teacher, wellness coach and somatic awareness teacher)040 5224889