Creative Yoga Coaching

How wonderful it would feel to know oneself from the bottom of one’s being! To relax and let go of stressful worldly affairs in a cosy and peaceful setting. To become more conscious of the healing power of the breath. To read one’s bodily messages in a productive way. To connect with greater awareness with one’s feelings and bodily sensations. To learn lifelong tools and knowledge for managing stress and emotional states. To give more space to the internal teacher within. To let your creative and authentic self express its full potential. And to be able to do this in an environment that values your unique life history and experience.

Ajatus & Asana offers inspiring pedagogical Body Mind teaching and coaching based on yoga as well as psychological, sociological and physiological knowledge.

For more information, see the weekly yoga class schedule (teaching in small groups), possibilities for individual coaching sessions, authentic self -healing sessions and  3-hour mini retreats.

Curious? I will gladly tell you more!

Stephanie Freeman, PhD, Diploma Yoga Teacher


Once you start listening, you realize how wise the body can be. It whispers, it shouts, it laughs, it hums, it purrs with contentment. It converses and invites you to a dialogue.