For individuals in search of a new direction in their life

For couples in search of a more deeper and meaningful interconnection

Would you like to unwind in a relaxing atmosphere and be genuinely heard? Are you searching for inspiration in some area of your (working) life or your relationship? Or perhaps you just need a little nudge to better trust your intuition in decision-making?

Conversational Yoga Relaxation is for anyone who would like to gain deeper awareness to a pressing issue in their (social)life. You do not need prior experience in relaxing or yoga. I combine different relaxation and somatic awareness techniques and holistic yoga with a deep socio-psychological understanding of the richness of human life.

The length of the session: 90 min.


1 session 95 €

2 sessions 165 €

3 sessions 225 €


I will gladly tell you more!

Please contact me for bookings: Stephanie Freeman 0405224889